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Manufactured in the USA
Kelly-Creswell Products
Proudly Manufactured
in the USA Since 1937.

Kelly-Creswell Electronic Equipment

Mark 40D Skipline
Mark 40D Skipline Controller
Automatic placement of skipline patterns in US & metric units.  
Controls up to each paint and bead guns.  
Footage counters and low speed speedometer standard
Automatic calibration, LCD screen display, advance/retard standard
Engineered, manufactured & serviced by Kelly-Creswell
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78C Intercom System
78C Intercom System
Voice activated , hands free transmit & receive communications.
Chassis driver and rear operators in constant contact.
Capable of up to four head sets simultaneously
Single & dual ear head sets.
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Guidance Laser
Laser Pointer System
Projects a green dot on pavement surface for guidance
No worry of mechanical pointer in intersections  
Visible on the sunniest of days  
Rigid  mount and adjustable remote control available  
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