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Kelly-Creswell Intermediate Series WV-50C-AL Self Propelled Airless Striper

The Kelly-Creswell WV-50HD-AL is a self contained, single operator center & edgeline highway striping machine.
Striping speeds up to 10 mph, over the road speeds of 20 mph.
Operates in own lane of traffic maintaining traffic flow.
Compact, maneuverable offering features and performance of larger truck mounted units at an affordable price.
Operate one and you will understand why Kelly-Creswell is the name that has defined striping since 1937.
WV-50C-AL Self Propelled Airless Striper
WV-50C-AL Self Propelled Airless Striper
  • 50 gallon paint tank.
  • 250 lb. pressure bead tank.
  • 3.1 GPM hydraulic high pressure airless spray system.
  • Centerline carriage with hydraulic lift, optional edgeline carriage.
  • Mark 40D skip line controller with footage counters
  • (2)KC-700 with reverse-a-clean tips, (2)KC-600 bead guns
  • Telescoping pointer with rubber drag strap
  • Striping equipment self contained and removable
Self contained center & edgeline striper
Self contained center and edgeline striper
Maintains traffic flow, 10' turning radius
Heavy-duty carriage with hydraulic lift
Operators station with great visibility
Optional edgeline carriage
Rugged dual wheel gun carriage
Simple controls
Reversible gun carriage
Operators station with great visability
Simple controls
Easily removable enabling chassis to be used for other purposes
Cities, state agencies, contractors and airports for application of center & edgelines and  airport markings. Standard unit  equipped with two paint and bead guns for automatic application of traffic patterns in both U.S. and metric units.    
Single Operator:  Requires only one operator for application of both center and edgelines.
Maintains Traffic Flow: The WV50HD-AL operates in its own lane of traffic while maintaining traffic in adjacent lanes and has a maximum over the road speed of 20 MPH.
Maneuverable:  WV-50C-AL easily changes directions on a two lane city street or rural road with a turning radius of less that 11feet.
Features & Performance of a full sized striper at a fraction of the cost.  
Hydraulic carriage lift: operator can raise the gun carriage and quickly move between jobs without leaving the operators seat. (std)
Convenient Controls:  Operators control panel located directly behind the operator seat features main air pressure gauge, hydraulic pressure gauge, bead tank pressure gauge, bead tank pressure regulator, hydraulic pressure reducing valve all within easy reach of the operator.
Mark 40D Skipline Control: Electronic skipline control  is simple to operate, with many features including advance/retard, auto calibration and footage counters. (std)
Airport Striping Package : Optional equipment  for application of 36” line for runways.
Modular/Self Contained: Striping equipment easily removable allowing chassis for other work
Key Component Manufacturer : Kelly-Creswell is the manufacture of critical components including M40D skipline controller, KC-700 airless paint gun, KC-600 bead gun. Operational and technical assistance direct from the manufacturer.
WV-50HD-ALRide on striper, 50 gal plastic paint tank, two each paint & bead guns. Optional edgeline carriage with one each paint & gun.
AC-2145Hand paint gun for remote stenciling with 50’ hose
AC-1040-1Hand pressure bead gun with 50’ hose
AC-2060-2Diaphragm paint loading pump, hoses on two wheeled cart
2000-AL Palletized Striper and WV3-AL-120 Truck Mounted striper
Carriage:Centerline carriage, pneumatic road wheel, hydraulic lift
Platform:Striping equipment, skid mounted, self-contained and removable
Engine:GX630 20 HP Honda with electric start
Fuel Tank:6 US Gallon EPA & Carb approved
Compressor:13.1 CFM cast iron with head un-loader
Hydraulic Pump:Pressure compensated, 12 GPM
Paint Pump:Hydraulic powered, 3.1 GPM
Paint Filter:Low & high pressure paint filtration
Pain Plumbing:All stainless steel
Bead Tank:250 lb. with 10" lid
Paint Tank:50 US gallon zero pressure
Paint Guns:(2) KC-700 with reverse-a-clean tips
Bead Guns:(2)KC-600 with adjustable shroud
Skipline Control:Kelly-Creswell Mark 40D with footage counters
Ponter:Telescroping with rubber drag strap
Warranty:One year parts & labor
Chassis Specification 
Model:Toro Workman HDX
Payload:3295 lb.
Engine:28 HP 3-cylinder Kohler water cooled gasoline engine
Transmission:Variable speed, high/low range, exclusive Toro "Speed Control"
Platform:Flat bed with hydraulic ram tilt dump capability
Hydraulic System:4 GPM hydraulic pump, quick disconnects, 8 quart reservoir
Edgeline Gun Carriage: Carriage with one additional paint & bead gun.
Diaphragm Loading Pump: 1" pneumatic operated diaphragm paint transfer pump
High Capacity Paint Pump: 8.6 GPM paint pump upgrade
Additional Paint Pump: Additional 3.1 GMP pump for two color operation
Airport Carriage: Heavy duty two-wheel carriage for wide line application
Hand Paint & Bead Guns: For remote stencil work
Hose Reels: Paint, bead & combination paint & bead.
Laser Guided Pointer: Manual & automatic adjustment
Transport Trailer: Trailer with ramps and tie downs
Stainless Steel Paint Tank 
Agitators: Hydraulic paint agitation
Directional Arrow Board: Traffic Stick
Wireless Intercom: Headsets with voice activated microphone
Pole Gun: Paint only or paint and combination beads
Trigger: Hand held trigger for Mark 40D
Storage Cart: Storage cart with wheels for striping equipment
Spare Parts Inventory: Recommended spare parts inventory (domestic & international)
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WV-50HD-AL Basic Drawings
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