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Kelly-Creswell Portable Series Heavy Duty Power Stroke Self Propelled Airless Striper

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Power Stroke is ideal for municipal markings including; stop bars up to 24" wide, center & edge lines, parking stalls and remote hand stencil work.
Airport markings, up to a 36" line in a single pass.
High pressure, hydraulic powered 2.15 GPM airless paint system.
Rugged Kelly-Creswell frame, exclusive air actuated traction drive insures a consistent speed for accurate application of materials.
Operate one and you will understand why Kelly-Creswell is the name that has defined striping since 1937.
Kelly-Creswell Heavy Duty C With Traction
Heavy Duty Power Stroke Self Propelled Airless Striper
  • Traction drive maintains constant speed of 1/2 - 3 mph
  • KC-700 pneumatic actuated paint gun
  • Hand gun for remote stenciling
  • Line widths 2-18 inches with single gun
  • Swivel front wheel, pneumatic actuated.
  • Customize with options to meet your specific requirements.
KC-700 automatic airless spray gun
KC-700 automatic airless spray gun
Optional gravity bead system
Optional gravity bead system
Kelly-Creswell air actuated traction drive
Kelly-Creswell air actuated traction drive
Perfect for center & edge line painting
Perfect for center & edge line painting
Optional Mark 40D skipline controller
Optional Mark 40D skipline controller
Optional operator riding trailer
Optional operator riding trailer
Municipal work including center & edgelines, stop bars and  stencil work.  Airport markings including 18-36 inch wide lines in a single pass.  The Powerstroke is also an excellent choice for parking lot striping.   
Self propelled airless, the Powerstroke is the only air actuated, self propelled, portable airless striper on the market.  The exclusive KC traction drive with single drive axle guarantees the same turning speed for both rear tires for straight lines.  Traction drive stays with machine unlike competitive trailer drivers offering propulsion with and without operators riding trailer.
Automatic paint guns, the Powerstroke is equipped with KC-700 pneumatic actuated airless paint gun(s).  The pneumatic actuation feature offers quicker response time, eliminates trouble some cables and offers the ability  to install an optional skipline control for automatic placement  of single and double line traffic patterns.       
Constant speed from ½ to 3 mph.  Constant forward speed assures uniform paint application thickness - a must for roadways.  Assures proper reflectivity when applying glass beads.
Hydraulic powered airless paint pump, large 2.15 gpm capacity, slow stroking, quite, no vibration.
Honda 8 HP gasoline engine with recoil start, optional electric start with 12VDC battery.
Swivel wheel:  pneumatic actuated, front-locking swivel wheel can be unlocked for quick turning & maneuvering and then locked for straight long  line striping.  No more tilting the machine to make turns, the Powerstroke has a turning radius of 8 feet. (new feature, standard equipment!)
Reflective bead applicator, the Powerstroke can be equipped with an optional gravity bead or pressure bead system for application of reflective beads.
Mark 40D Skipline Controller:  Add the optional skipline control for automatic placement of traffic patterns in both English and metric units.
Assembled and tested, the Powerstroke will arrive completely assembled and thoroughly tested    including any options.  When you order a Kelly-Creswell it arrives ready to work!
PO-HPS2Powerstroke, 2.15 gpm pump, pail holder one KC-700 gun
AC-1340-SS7 gallon stainless steel tank with Y strainer in lieu of pail holder
AC-1350Additional KC-700 airless spray gun with hose and QAW valve
AC-1060-2Pressure bead system complete with 50# tank and two each KC-593B guns
AC-1225Mark 40D electronic skipline control for automatic placement of traffic patterns
Dimensions:??" Long X ??" Wide X ??" Tall
Weight:??? lbs. operating, ??? lbs. shipping
Engine:GX240 Honda 8 HP (gross)
Spray Gun:reverse-a-clean
Wheels:4x8 pneumatic rear, 3x5 pneumatic actuated front swivel
FrameKelly-Creswell rugged, tubular steel, welded
Drive:Exclusive Kelly-Creswell air actuated traction drive speeds .5-3 mph
Gun Activator:Pneumatic QAW valve
Hand spray gun:Airless hand gun 50' hose
Gun Carriage:Right or left mount, adjustable
Warranty:One year parts & labor
Additional striping gun
Bead Applicator, pressure or gravity
Paint Tank, 7 or 12 gallon stainless steel
Mark 40D skipline controller
Electric start engine
Liquid propane fueled engine
Parking brake
Hand paddle agitator
Operators stand on riding trailer
Transport trailer
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