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Kelly-Creswell Paint & Bead Guns Nightliner Series Bead Gun

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Kelly-Creswell Nightliner Bead Gun is a proven performer with perfect cross distribution of reflective beads for excellent line reflectivity.
Works with standard and large sphere beads.
Nightliner features a flexible rubber shroud that positions close to the pavement and stops bead loss due to wind and overspray.
Standard 4" rubber shroud with optional 5", 6" & 8" kits available.
Large 1-1/4" diameter inlet with storage accumulation chamber and air muffler reduce pulsations caused by air pockets in bead system.
Three position mounting bracket insures compatibility with your truck mounted gun carriage or portable striping machine.
Manufactured by Kelly-Creswell a name that has defined striping equipment since 1937.
Nightliner Series Bead Gun
Nightliner Series Bead Gun
  • Simple volume stop adjustment for accurate bead calibration.
  • All moving parts are covered and protected from overspray
  • Operates on pressure and gravity bead systems.
  • Order
    • KCN-900-4    4" shroud
    • KCN-900-5    5" shroud
    • KCN-900-6    6" shroud
    • KCN-900-8    8" shroud
Nightliner with standard 4" Shroud
Nightliner with standard 4" Shroud
Large dispersion cone with rubber seat
Large dispersion cone with rubber seat
Nighliner with optional 5" Shroud
Nightliner with optional 5" Shroud
Three position mounting bracket
Three position mounting bracket
Quick change shroud frame
Quick change shroud frame
Bead flow adjustment no tools required
Bead flow adjustment no tools required
Model: KC-Nightliner Bead Gun
Bead Application Widths: 4-8 inches
Applications: Gravity & pressure bead systems, portable and truck mounted installations. Adjustable needle stop for variable and precise application rates.
Mount: Movable, accepting 1/2" diameter round bar.
Inlet: 1 thru 1/4" OD beads, 1/8" MPT control air
Gun hangers
Gun posts
Shrouds: 5", 6" & 8"
KC-C5 actuation solenoids
Rebuilding & Testing
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KCNL-900 Nightliner Brochure
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KCNL-900 Nightliner Basic Drawings
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