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Kelly-Creswell Electronic Equipment Mark 40D Skipline Controller

The Mark 40D skipline controller uses the latest microprocessor technology to control up to four paint and bead guns.
The Mark 40D accepts multiple input signals including transmission, pulse generator, drive shaft magnetic collars and antilock brake signals.
Footage counters and a speedometer are standard equipment.
Automatic calibration insures perfect line spacing.
Constructed with MIL spec components to endure the harsh striping environment and provide years of reliable service.
The Mark 40D is engineered, manufactured and serviced by Kelly-Creswell a name that has defined striping since 1937.
Heavy Duty Model C Walk-Behind Striper
Mark 40D Skipline Controller
  • Operator friendly, menu driven, and simple to operate.
  • Advance/Retard
  • 32 Character LCD Display with Backlight
  • Two auxiliary switches
  • Exclusive "Posi-Cycle" feature
  • Operates in U.S. and metric units.
  • Performs a self test at startup, results of test displayed.
Optional hand paint gun & hose assembly
Mark 40D Proven Reliable
Optional gravity bead system
Drive shaft collar pulse generator
Optional pressure bead system
Mark 40D Installed on Portable Striper
Exclusive air curtains for uniform line edges
Pulse Generator
KC-593 Spray Gun proven reliability
Optional Pattern Finder
Pressure cleaner for automatic tip flush
Optional KC-C5 Control Solenoids
General: Micro processor-controlled striping and bead gun control unit. Controls up to four paint & bead guns generating user defined traffic patterns.
Display: 32 character LCD, adjustable contrast
Switches: MIL Spec S83731 with silicon seals
Hold-Run-Reset move thru intersections maintaining pattern spacing.
Advance–Retard: Posi-Cycle: operator can adjust the beginning point of the cycle pattern for retracing.
Posi-cycle: when activated, automatically adjusts the cycle length after activating the Advance-Retard switch repeatedly, handy for retracing.
Paint/Skip Cycle: operator defined 0-999.9 feet/meters with two preset cycle patterns. A quick edit feature allows adjustment of skip cycle while painting.
Begin paint/skip: operator adjustable, begin cycle with paint or skip portion of cycle.
Programming: menu driven display, operator friendly.
Calibration: Follow menu driven procedure, drive the unit over a known distance, key in distance.
Bead Delay: adjustable to insure full bead coverage.
Solenoid Timing: adjustable for different solenoids.
Pattern change preset: programmable for three different pattern change modes: immediate, preset change and trigger change.
Retained settings: all settings retained on shutdown including, footage, odometer, calibration and patterns.
Self test: performs a self test at startup and displays any malfunctions on LCD display.
Timing Logic: Pulse generator, transmission, antilock brake, magnetic driveline sensors.
Construction/environment: Extruded aluminum housing, dust moisture and shock resistant. Operating temperature range 30-125˚F. Requires 12VDC +/- 2 volts.
Pattern Finder: 8 position, order M40DP.
Junction Box: connection point for skipline control cable and paint and bead gun solenoids. Includes extruded box with adjustable grommet wire connectors.
Remote Trigger: hand held trigger for pattern change.
Pulse Generators: mechanical, magnetic & electrical
Dust Cover: Vinyl cover to protect controller.
Gun Solenoids: KC-C5 & other makes available.
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KC-Mark 40D Brochure
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