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Kelly-Creswell Portable Series Heavy Duty Model C Walk-Behind Striper

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Heavy-Duty Model C is ideal for parking stalls, meter limits, crosswalks and industrial safety lanes. The Model C is excellent for marking athletic fields and running tracks.
Simple air atomized system for application of all paint types.
Rugged frame, nicely balanced with Kelly-Creswell exclusive spring loaded rear axel makes painting straight lines a snap.
Exclusive KC-593 series striping gun designed specifically for application of traffic paints
Operate one and you will understand why Kelly-Creswell is the name that has defined striping since 1937.
Heavy Duty Model C Walk-Behind Striper
Heavy Duty Model C Walk-Behind Striper
  • 7 Gallon paint tank, large 10" lid
  • Pressure cleaner system for automatic tip flush
  • Exclusive Kelly-Creswell air curtains for uniform edges
  • Customize with options to meet your needs
  • Order PD-HDC for oil based paints; PO-HDC-SS with stainless steel tank & plumbing for latex paint
Optional hand paint gun & hose assembly
Optional hand paint gun & hose assembly
Optional gravity bead system
Optional gravity bead system
Optional pressure bead system
Optional pressure bead system
Exclusive air curtains for uniform line edges
Exclusive air curtains for uniform line edges
KC-593 Spray Gun proven reliability
KC-593 Spray Gun proven reliability
Pressure cleaner for automatic tip flush
Pressure cleaner for automatic tip flush
Parking lots, stop bars, cross walks, athletic fields, industrial safety lanes.
Single 4 inch thru 9 inch line.
Exclusive Heavy Duty frame with 7.5" offset front tire. Places the front tire directly in-line with the operator, ensures the operator is pushing directly toward the front tire resulting in straight lines. Heavy duty construction to withstand the rigors of daily use, we have machines from the 1950’s still in service.
Spring loaded rear axle. Provides uniform rear bearing tension on both rear wheels, making it easier for the operator to push the machine in a straight line.
Balanced frame. With only 25% of the machine’s weight on the front axle, the HDC is well-balanced providing effortless tilting and maneuvering and has just the right amount of weight up front to ensure that the machine stays straight. The paint tank is mounted on the centerline of  the rear axle, the overall balance changes only slightly whether the paint tank is full or empty.
KC-593 striping gun. Heavy-duty, automatic air actuated spray gun capable of spraying both oil & waterborne paints. Produces a fully atomized line with square beginnings and endings. Exclusive automatic tip flush capability increases productivity. Simple to operate and maintain, a proven performer with over 50,000 units sold!
Cost of operation. Kelly-Creswell air spray machines offer a much lower cost of operation over airless systems. Airless spray tips cost $40-60 each and the expected life is 60-80 gallons of traffic paint. Overtime, airless spray tips will cost approximately $.90-1.00/gallon of paint sprayed. The Kelly-Creswell air spray machines have a hardened satellite air cap and virtually last for ever.
Simplicity. With an air spray system, equipment includes an engine, compressor and spray gun as compared to the airless systems with high pressure airless pumps, packings, hydraulic pumps, cables special static grounded hoses, high pressure filters and more.
Sealed pressurized paint tank. No spilled paint on the parking lot from open pails, no lost paint due to skinning. Pressure tanks are superior for storage of paint between jobs.
PO-HDCHeavy Duty Model C, carbon steel, solvent-based paint compatible
PO-HDC-SSHeavy Duty model C, stainless steel water-borne paint compatible
AC1010-2-SSHand gun assembly with 20' hose for remote stenciling
AC-1051-6-T76” gravity bead dispenser and 40# hopper for use with the 7-gallon tank
AC-1060-1Pressure bead system with one (1) KC-593-B gun and 50# tank
Dimensions:57" Long X 37" Wide X 42" Tall
Weight:275 lbs. operating, 400 lbs. shipping
Engine:GX160 Honda 5.5 HP (gross)
Compressor10.6 CFM, stell braid air line
Belt Guard:Sheet metal, easily removed
Paint Tank:7 USG with 10" lib & Y strainer
Spray Gun:KC 593-SS mounted outboard right side delivery (std)
Line Width:Variable 3-6"
Air Curtains:Exclusive Kelly-Creswell air curtains for sharp line edges
Cleaner System:1Quart capacity, flush spray tips and lower plumbing
Wheels:4x8 pneumatic rear, with spring loaded axel, 3x5 pneumatic rear
FrameKelly-Creswell rugged, tubular steel, welded
Gun Activator:Pneumatic QAW valve
Guide:Adjustable 18" for retrace or layout
Hand paddle agitator
12 gallon paint tank
Dual paint tanks, two color
Liquid Propane fueled engine
Bead Applicator, pressure or gravity
Mark 40D skipline controller
Electric Start Engine 
Hand spray gun with 20' hose Click to see image
Self propelled traction drive (HDCT)
Hand parking brake
Swivel front wheel
Rotatable side delivery for curb painting
Transport trailer
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