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Kelly-Creswell Intermediate Series 2000-AS Palletized Air Atomized Striper

The Kelly-Creswell 2000-AS is a self contained airless center & edgeline striping machine offering speed and performance of a full sized unit at a fraction of the cost.
Fits in a one ton fleet side or flat bed truck and is easily removable allowing the truck to be used for other vocations.
Two high capacity 25 gallon paint tanks and a 7 gallon cleaner tank make in field color changes a snap.
Exclusive KC-598 series striping guns designed specifically for application of traffic paints. Available in both bleeder and non-bleeder configurations.
Operate one and you will understand why Kelly-Creswell is the name that has defined striping since 1937.
2000-AS Palletized Air Atomized Striper
  • Reversible gun carriage for painting both center & edgelines.
  • Rack & pinion carriage steering standard, optional hydraulic
  • Mark 40D skip line controller with footage counters
  • 300 lb. pressure glass bead system
  • Pneumatic carriage lift
  • Two KC-598 automatic paint spray guns and two KC-600 glass bead guns standard.
Self contained center & edgeline striper
Self contained center & edgeline striper
KC-598 Spray Gun proven reliable
KC-598 Spray Gun proven reliable
Simple to operate air atomized system
Simple to operate air atomized system
Mark 40D Skipline Controller
Mark 40D Skipline Controller
Pointer assembly
Pointer assembly
Permanent mount with fixed carriage
Permanent mount with fixed carriage
Cities, state agencies, contractors and airports for application of center & edgelines and  airport markings.  Standard unit  equipped with two paint and bead guns for automatic application of traffic patterns in both U.S. and metric units.
Features & Performance of a full sized striper at a fraction of the cost.  
Easily Removable: installs in a one ton fleet side pickup or larger flat bed chassis, easily removable allowing the chassis to be used for other vocations.
Simple Air Atomized Spray System: Lower initial purchase price and operating costs as compared to airless spray system. Very simple to operate & maintain.
KC-598 Spray guns a proven performer capable of spraying both traditional/ oil based and latex/ waterborne paints.  Line widths of 2-9 inches with automatic tip flush.   
Pressurized Paint Tanks:  Offer superior storage of traffic paints between jobs as compared to competitive airless system with zero pressure vats. Pressurize paint  tanks for storage similar to aerosol can, eliminates paint skinning during storage.  
Capacity:  With two 25 gallon paint tanks & 300 lb. pressure bead tank standard, paint over 3 miles of single 4” line at 15 mils.  Optional 60 gallon paint tanks & 750 lb. bead tank.
Pneumatic carriage lift: keeps operator out of traffic and increases productivity. Quickly & safely raise and lower the spray gun carriage with the flip of a switch. (std)    
Steerable & reversible carriage:  Paint both center and edgelines with the 2000 series. Rack and pinion steering enable rear operator to adjust gun carriage on the fly. (std)     
Mark 40D Skipline Control: Electronic skipline control is simple to operate,  with many features including advance/retard, auto calibration and footage counters. (std)  
Key Component Manufacturer:  Kelly-Creswell is the manufacture of critical components including Mark 40D skipline  controller, KC-598 diaphragm operated spray gun,      KC-600 bead gun. Operational and technical assistance direct from the manufacturer.
2000-ASPallet mounted road striper
AC-2045-1Agitators, two each pneumatic powered paint tank agitators, SS
AC-2010-4Additional paint and bead gun for quick in field color changes
AC-1010-2-SSHand paint gun for remote stenciling with 20’ hose
AC-1040Hand pressure bead gun with 20’ hose
AC-2060-2Diaphragm loading pump, hoses on two wheeled cart
Frame:Channel iron, welded construction
Outrigger:movable to either side, rack & pinion steering with 36” travel
Carriage:pneumatic lift with transport lock
Engine:GX620 20 HP Honda with electric start
Compressor:40 CFM two stage with head un-loader
Air Regulators:Non corrosive, liquid filled gauge
Air Moisture Trap:Coalescing 1" with auto drain
Paint Tank:Two 25 gallon with 10" lid
Cleaner Tank:7 gallon with 10" lid
Bead Tank:300 lb. with 10" lid
Paint Guns:(2)KC-598 (Bleeder or Non Bleeder)
Bead Guns:(2)KC-600 or KC Nightliner
Bead Guns:(2)KC-600 or KC Nightliner
Seat:adjustable base, arm rests with seat belt
Skipline Control:KC Mark 40D with footage counters
Warranty:one year parts & labor
Stainless Steel Tanks:plumbing (Latex Paint)
High Capacity:30 or 60 gallon (carbon & stainless steel)
58 CFM Air Compressor:in lieu of 40 CFM
Agitators:pneumatic drive tank lid agitator assembly
Timed beads:separate actuation solenoids
Hydraulic Steering:36” cylinder w/ steering wheel
Permanent Mount:750with fixed carriage(s)
Hose reels:for optional hand paint & bead guns
Paint Loading:diaphragm operated pump
Additional paint and bead guns 
Laser Guided Pointer 
Hand paint and bead gun 
Pole Gun with wheels 
Vacuum bead loading 
Storage Cart 
Fork Lift Staves 
Hook Lift Configuration 
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